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Three Ways to Change Countless Lives

A low-income Orange County resident needs an hourly wage of $39.48, or the equivalent of nearly three full-time, minimum-wage jobs to afford average rent. Obtaining loans or financial assistance is often difficult due to poor financial history. To boot, most lack social networks that help with starting a small business. From donations, to sharing connections and expertise, to giving any small amount of your time, there are numerous ways to help us open doors to entrepreneurial dreams in marginalized communities.


For every $1 invested in small businesses, an additional $2 of economic impact is generated through increased income, spending and tax revenue.

OC MicroFund

Contributions go into a fund that is used to provide clients microgrants up to $5,000 to support startup costs.


Share your talents! Mentor an entrepreneur; Become a community ambassador; Join our Board of Directors.

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