Economic Achievement

Entrepreneurial mindset and business fundamentals.

We believe these are the keys to helping people from all walks of life obtain economic self-sufficiency. Through our programs offered in English and Spanish at various locations throughout our community, we take an individualized and transformational approach to helping each person we meet develop a unique path towards achieving their goals. Whether they are looking to launch a small business or grow in their careers, we start with the basics and work our way up to positioning our participants for long-term stability and success.

All CIELO services are provided at no cost and available to anyone seeking to improve their opportunity for economic success.

While each person’s path is different, a CIELO participant’s journey typically consists of the following steps:

STEP ONE: Attend an introductory workshop at one of our partner locations. Workshop topics range from the basics of starting a small business and how to create a successful business plan to incorporating green practices in the workplace and job search and upward mobility tools. At this point, participants choose between our two tracks – Entrepreneurship and Upward Mobility – and are then directed to the next step in the process.

STEP TWO (Entrepreneurship Track Only): Participate in our three-week entrepreneurship training program and learn how to be a successful entrepreneur. The curriculum covers the soft skills that make a business and business person successful.

STEP THREE: Continue training by being placed in a CIELO Co-Lab, a small support group of like-minded people that promotes peer-learning, collaboration, and growth together. Each small group meets for two-hour sessions once a week for four weeks with CIELO Coaches facilitating the discussion and providing additional tools and trainings.

STEP FOUR: Get connected to a CIELO Coach, who provides ongoing, highly personalized mentoring. Initially, participants meet weekly with their coach as they develop a personal plan to pursue economic self-sufficiency based on their own passions and interests. The mentorships are then self-guided and can last as long or meet as frequently as participants need. For those on the Entrepreneurship track, we equip them with everything they need to become successful entrepreneurs, including financial training and technical assistance in applying for loans.

Call CIELO at (714) 756-2006 to learn more about our upcoming programs and workshops.

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