CIELO has been helping Orange County residents become financially stable since 2012, when CIELO first began as an incubated project of its fiscal sponsor, Oak View Renewal Partnership (OVRP) and Goodwill of Orange County to serve the high-risk Oak View community of Huntington Beach. In 2014, an economic study on CIELO’s potential community impact revealed that CIELO had the potential to fill the gap of inequality for many of Orange County’s low-income and underserved job seekers. CIELO was officially launched in June 2015 and has served as an employment support system for all Orange County residents, with a focus on low-income and underserved individuals.

As of July 2021, CIELO is currently entering its next growth phase. With the opportunity for growth in mind, we have decided to establish a finer FOCUS on entrepreneurship education and coaching. That means we are shifting away from the workforce development services we previously offered, so we could allocate our team and resources to the success and impact of aspiring entrepreneurs. While this was a difficult decision to make, we know there are trusted and dependable partner organizations we can connect to our job seekers and career builders.

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