CIELO was born out of a need to develop initiatives that set up local residents for financial prosperity. The Community for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Opportunities (CIELO), was founded by a collaboration between Oak View Renewal Partnership (OVRP) and Golden West Community College.  At it’s core, OVRP cultivates relationships between community partners and residents; and, OVRP facilitates and incubates projects until they become self-sustaining. And, CIELO is the most recent project to be incubated. What began as a vision to create economic impact in the one-square mile community of Oak View in Huntington Beach, CA, today stands as an example of creative minds and dedicated leaders coming together to develop economic solutions that impact our region.

Oak View Renewal Partnership (OVRP)

Central to OVRP’s work is the philosophy that sustainable change cannot be achieved through service provision alone.  Oak View Renewal Partnership’s mission is to narrow the cultural, social, educational, health, and economic gaps between the Oak View community and the surrounding City of Huntington Beach; and to serve as a model for community development in Orange County, CA and beyond.

Sustainable change must be accompanied by the empowerment of active engagement, accountability, and leadership from the community we serve. With that larger goal in mind, OVRP continues to implement programs that can be supported by local, homegrown leadership, and that address systemic issues facing our community.